Music is inseparable from renewal and expansion – this is abundantly obvious with Beethoven. Beethoven the man, the musician and the composer did not conform or comply. He explored, experimented and pushed the limits of instruments, of musical form, of sound. He made use of new technology (e.g. music-automation or the metronome), pursued new paths and opened up entirely new horizons, for himself and for music.

Accordingly, the Beethoven Anniversary in 2020 offers the ideal occasion to develop a vision for a 21st Century concert hall which – fully in the spirit Beethoven – is radically untethered from a 200-year tradition, and which opens up new potential for artistic creativity, production and perception.

The “Real Virtual Concert Hall” is a living performing space, a visually and acoustically fully trans-formable 360-degree environment that blurs the lines between reality and virtuality.

The concept behind the “Real Virtual Concert Hall” has been developed by Bellevue Virtual Media in cooperation with the Beethoven Anniversary Society BTHVN2020.

The project is being presented as part of the 2018 Avant Première Programme Focus
“Innovation Day”.

(C) Bellevue Virtual Media & BTHVN 2020

Architectural Layout of the REAL VIRTUAL CONCERT HALL (c) Benjamin S. Koren, Frank Stahmer