BELLEVUE VIRTUAL MEDIA has become part of LIMES - Immersive Solutions GmbH

Der customers and suppliers!

On January the 1st 2020 we have become part of the LIMES – Immersive Solutions GmbH in Vienna. Our services and know-how will add up to the range of innovations that the LIMES – Immersive Solutions GmbH is offering.

At LIMES we will safeguard that all projects started and run at Bellevue Virtual Media are being followed up and maintained, and a smooth and thorough transition will be ensured.

At LIMES we create and build immersive and scalable 360° events and venues in which artists, event designers and promotors can create innovative, shared immersive live experiences and audiences can immerse themselves in all-encompassing worlds of space, sound and cross realities.

We look forward to a continuous successful collaboration with all our customers and invite you to visit to learn all about the enhanced immersive solutions we can offer.