Consultancy & Project Development
As experienced strategy designers and project developers for the music and cultural industries, we support music institutions, musicians and orchestras, concert halls, promoters, music content distributors and platforms as well as cultural departments. We work together with our clients to create and deliver premium Virtual Reality and Immersive Media applications, solutions and innovative projects, enhancing our clients’ brands and product engagement, and bringing emotional experiences to a wider and international audience. Our team has many years of experience in multiple fields of music creation, production and media.


Enhanced 3D360° VR Video Production
We combine creative storytelling with high-resolution 3D360° camera technology and dynamic spatial sound recording to capture the authenticity and fascination of live music performances as full-immersive Virtual Reality (VR) events in future-proof premium quality. As VR music content developers and producers, we cooperate with major music promoters and festivals, renowned artists, orchestras and bands from all music genres. With our newly-developed ‘Virtual Concert Hall App‘ we are forging further into the next dimension, allowing the viewer to become his or her own director and to interact with immersive events.


VR Music Content Licensing
We curate, produce and license immersive music content across all genres, but with a focus on Classical Music and Jazz. In addition to our own immersive and VR content productions, we also manage third-party content. Our range of productions comprises internationally renowned artists, orchestras and talented newcomers.


3D & CGI Modeling
We believe in the blurring the lines between reality and virtuality. Artificial or realistic 3D elements are often vital for enhanced story-telling and add extra value to immersive experience. Our high-quality 3D models, animations and environments can be implemented into live footage – as is, or in post-produced VR content.

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