Our newly designed ‘Virtual Concert Hall App’ is two in one: an enhanced VR 360° 3D video player and a store library through which content owners and providers can bundle and offer their extensive music-related VR content – from single project to entire VR music store. And audiophile music lovers can download or stream VR music events, enjoy multiple interactive view points and headtracked Ambisonic surround sound.

This app as been particulary tailored to meet the high expectations of confirmed music lovers to offer them the full bandwith of opportunities that today’s Virtual Reality technologies and devices enable.

Be Your Own Director
Interactive hotspots react on eye-contact, lead you to different viewpoints and camera positions when you decide it’s time for it and assist you with background info about the piece or show you are viewing plus display above or undertitles, etc.

Facts & Features:
– enables immersive stereoskopic 360° 3D Virtual Reality concert experiences
– provides dynamic head-tracked Ambisonic spectral surround sound
– enables the user to switch between numerous camera/viewpoint perspectives (Multi-Viewpoint-Switch)
– compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung VR­Gear
– compatible with Dolby Atmos™ sound
– ready-made for live streaming

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